Vegetable Baby Eco-friendly Cooking Kit

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  • Vegetable Baby Eco-friendly Cooking Kit
  • Vegetable Baby Eco-friendly Cooking Kit

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  • Eco-Friendly Cooking kit for baby 
  • Diodegradable Cooking kit set 
  • Baby Cooking kit set 
  • Cooking kit for weaning
  • -BPA, dioxins and other environmental hormones are not contained
    -Ergonomically appropriate size for use by infants
    -Raw materials other than corn are not added
    -After use, disposal is biodegradable, protecting the environment
    -Rounded corners are designed the infant's safety
    -Anti-slip silicone pads can be applied for safety
    -How to Use and Handling Precautions:
    -To prevent deformation, never use hot water or microwave.
    -Do not use near fire and avoid severe impacts or drops.
    -Do not use as a toy for infants.
    -Before use, please wash and clean.
    -Can be cleaned safely and hygienically with Vegetable Baby detergent.
    -Please use under the care of an adult.
    -We takes into consideration both people and nature.
    -Caution / Warning:
    -Please avoid severe impacts or drops.
    -To prevent possible choking hazard, inspect the product regularly and discard immediately if any signs of excessive wear appear. Do not -----leave child unattended.
    -Temperatures above 60℃ can deform the product
    -Microwave and hot water disinfection strictly prohibited

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