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Umee Bottle Gift Set

Nothing is more important to your baby than feeding your touch. That's why we created Umee products range with the mothers touch feel

Umee Soft Touch Teat is ergonomically designed to be as close as possible to breast feeding; the unique stretch an ribs technology coupled ith the soft touch provide your baby a different latch feeling in all position, assisting a more comfortable & easy feed to perfectly balance between bottle and breast feeding.

Umee Air Vent is designed to reduce colic symptoms on the one hand while stopping leaks on the other, it provides a steady flow of liquid only when your baby suckle to ensure ultimate control over the liquid flow. The one piece air vents allow air into the bottle instead of your baby's tummy t assist a more comfortable and easy feed


The Umee capsule dispenser is ergonomically designed for comfortable holding while traveling, it holds up to three pre-measured 260ml/9Oz feeds, and keeps the formula separate and ready to mix at all time.


Umee ergonomically designed bottle shape makes it easy to hold while feeding. Its wide neck allows fast and thorough cleaning. This bottle is made out of PPSU, a strong, safe and highly durable material which does not contain Bisphenol A.

This package includes the following:-

1 x PPSU 160ml / 5oz bottle with Stage 1 teat
1 x PPSU 260ml / 9oz bottle with Stage 2 Teat

1 x PPSU 160ml / 5oz bottle with Stage 1 teat with 160ml / 5oz Insulated Cover
1 x PPSU 260ml / 9oz bottle with Stage 2 Teat with 260ml / 9oz Insulated Cover
1 x Formula Dispenser
1 x Stage 3 Soft Latch Teat
1 x Stage X Soft Latch Teat

For ages 0m+