• Stephen Joseph Sidekick Backpack - Airplane

Stephen Joseph Sidekick Backpack - Airplane

Personalized Kids Sidekick backpacks are Brand New from Stephen Joseph and we are thrilled to be carrying them just for you! With a 3-D style, this kids backpack with stand out from the crowd. Not only will this backpack stand out because of the fun 3-D style but get a personalized backpack on top of that!

Give a big roar for personalized Kids Sidekick backpacks from Stephen Joseph. This tiger backpack is sure to make any little boy thrilled to take buddy with him to school. This preschool backpack is creatively designed with great features like a built-in pencil case in the front. This girls or boys backpack has 3D features (notice the ears) and has a sturdy carrying handle which makes it easy to tote around. Take a tiger to school with you this year!

We are even more thrilled to let you know that in partnership with the Children's Scholarship Fund, Stephen Joseph will donate $1.00 from the sale of every sidekick backpack to maximize educational opportunities for all children.

*For ages: 3 - 8 years old
*Measures approx. 10.5" x 12.75" x 3.5"
*Colorful face style backpacks, zippered top and cushioned adjustable shoulder straps
*Mesh side pockets
*Perfect for personalization--Get your child something no one else has!

Make a match with our Stephen Joseph Tiger Lunch Pal! Take something cool to school!