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S-26® Promil GOLD® is a follow-on formula designed to help meet the nutritional needs of weaning children after six months of age. S-26® Promil GOLD® contains unique combinations of important nutrients at proper levels for your growing child including:

Nutrients Benefit
Oligofructose (OF) A prebiotic that may support gut health and promote softer stools
Sucrose-free May assist in weaning to unsweetened solid foods and help support healthy eating habits
Taurine Help support overall mental and physical development
Inositol Supports importan biological functions in tissues and cells
Choline Helps support overall mental functioning
Selenium An important antioxidant
5 Nucleotides Support body's natural defenses (only for infant formula targeting infants less than 1 year of age)
How to prepare S-26® Promil GOLD®
When introducing S-26® Promil GOLD® to your baby's diet, continue
with present feeding schedule. The amount and number of S-26®
Promil GOLD® feeds per day will be determined by baby's age,
appetite, and amount of solid food consumed. S-26® Promil GOLD®
may be fed cup or bottle. Reconstituted product may also be mixed
with cereal or hot porridge.
Follow recommended proportions below unless your doctor suggests
otherwise. When fed as directed, S-26® Promil GOLD® provides 100%
of the recommended protein for babies after six months and older.
Older infants require supplemental foods in addition to formula.
Lukewarm Water (Previously Boiled) Level Scoops Feeds in 24 Hours
180 mL (6 fl. oz.) 3 4-5
One scoop = 9.1 grams
Mix one scoop of S-26® Promil GOLD® to 60 mL (2 fl. oz.) water.
Prepare S-26® Promil GOLD® just before infant is to be fed.
If preparing more than one feed, refrigerate and use within 24 hours.
Discard unfinished feeds.

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