Putto - Secret Lotion

Putto - Secret Lotion

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Size: 150ml

Made of 100% NHEB-05TM (Natural Herbal Extract Blended) instead of water, Putto Secret Lotion is high in moisture and leaves no sticky residue on baby's skin. 

  • Paraben Free
  • SLS Free
  • Mineral Oil Free

  *Putto is free from SLES, Paraben, Talc and Mineral Oil which have been proven to be carcinogenic (risk of causing cancer). Information is widely available now on these cancer causing ingredients. Moms are savvy these days, and would pick safe, natural and organic options over brands that have been used and sold over the generic mass market counters. Applecrumby & Fish is discerning with our range of products as we advocate solely quality and safe products for babies.