• Organix - Stage 1 Pot
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Organix - Stage 1 Pot

2 pots Apple & Blackcurrant; 2 pots Apple & Raspberry.

Apple & Blackcurrant fruit pot.
Each pot contains:
1 apple
6 blackcurrants

Apple & Raspberry fruit pot.
Each pot contains:
1 apple
2 raspberries

Berries are a natural source of antioxidants which help to support your baby's immune system. Our range of 100% organic fruit purees offer your baby a variety of natural tastes and flavours to gently expand their palate. 

No junk promise
We promise that our Apple & Blackcurrant and Apple & Raspberry purees are pure, safe and nutritious and only contain wholesome ingredients your baby needs.

By choosing Organix you are helping to give your baby the best start in life. Our organic foods are prepared with care to give your baby natural tastes and flavours. We use ingredients that are grown or reared organically without artificial pesticides and with respect for the environment and our No Junk Promise guarantees no unnecessary artificial ingredients. 

• Exploring & smooth
• 100% organic fruit
• No junk promise
• No added sugar
• No colourings
• No artificial flavourings
• Suitable for vegetarians
• 1 pot = 1 of your 5 a day

Age: For babies from 4+ Months