• PEPP™ Luxx - Scarlett
  • PEPP™ Luxx - Scarlett
  • PEPP™ Luxx - Scarlett

PEPP™ Luxx - Scarlett

The smaller your bundle of joy, the more stuff you need to carry around. (It is a rule they never tell you.) Thank goodness the PEPP luxx buggy is cleverly designed to think of everything, from an ultra-compact fold-in-half design to the ability to get around town with one hand (which is how you will be operating most days) to a fully flat recline for on-the-go snoozes.

Funny how the littlest things can mean so much.


product specifications

  • recommended use: birth to 18 kg
  • product: h 104 x w 54 x l 80 cm
  • product (folded): h 54 x w 33.5 x l 89 cm
  • product weight: 10.3 kg
  • RM899.00 MYR
  • RM1,799.00 MYR