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MK Breastmilk Storage Bags For Collosum (15pcs+15pcs)

MOTHER-K Breastmilk Storage Bags for Colostrum are anti-bacterial, providing a clean and hygienic environment for your breastmilk. Easy heating up of bags saves time and strong material preserves quality of breastmilk! Great going out and convenient for working moms. 2 different sizes in 1 pack to suit initial breastfeeding stage when milk quantity is lesser.

Safety Features

  • Bags must be stored or used in upright or self standing position. Bags left other than in above position or any unnecessary pressure on it may cause leakage.
  • To warm up bag directly, only use water with temperature of estimated 80°C.
  • Do not warm up bag in microwave to preserve quality & retain 100% nutrients.
  • Do not mix breastmilk that has been warmed up with new ones for baby’s feeding
  • Do not refreeze/refridge leftover breastmilk or use for feeding
  • Keep enough space in bag as it may expand during freezing
  • Keep hands clean while handling bags
  • Do not blow air into the bag
  • Do not feed baby directly from the bag
  • Remember the shelf life of breastmilk by indicating storage date on bag

Packing Details Sizes:

50ml x 15 pcs, 100ml x 15 pcs

Dimensions: 84 x 113mm, 84 x 140mm