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MilkHero Sippy Cup in Glass Shatter Protected - 150ml

INNOVATIVE PROTECTION! – tougher glass bottle
Feel safer with MilkHeros Sippy in Glass – The glass bottle is covered with a thin integrated silicone envelope that provides extra protection for the glass bottle if you drop it on the floor.

TOO HOT? – protect your child from burning!
Now you can safely feed your baby with this unique sippy in glass that indicates if the drink is too hot by changing color.

GLASS! – Lightweight and durable glass bottle
MilkHero Sippy is made of glass, and not just any glass, but high quality lightweight borosilicate glass.

MilkHero Sippy is BPA-free, BPF-free, BPS-free and free from Phtalates.

SPILL FREE – Clean less, enjoy more!!
MilkHero Sippy Cup is designed to simplify everyday life for both parents and children.

Thanks to MilkHero’s spill free design you can enjoy while the child learns to drink out of the cup without spilling everywhere!

MilkHero Sippy in Glass is available in 4 beautiful colours, Turquoise, Pink, Green and Blue/ Black

Probably the best sippy mug in the world