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Storage Sack

Kids want to be messy. They love having their toys scattered around and feel the existence of them. The messier the happier! So why take away their happiness when you can allow them to play freely on our Multi Functional Storage Sack?

Cotton Pines Sack is measured at 140cm diameter, made from durable thick and quality material, is a 2 in 1 effective solution to toy storage and also as a play mat. Spread it out and scatter all the toys on the mat and for storing, just simply pull the rope on both sides or just in one swing then you are done!

Use it when playing lego, blocks, keeping balls or dolls or even as your laundry bag during travelling is always a convenient. Bring it along on the beach or at the park for a more stylish picnic.

Available in 5 attractive designs: 

Bat Mask

Rainbow Chevron



Doodle Green