Cosatto Moova 2 - Twee Twoo

Every precious passenger moving up in the world needs an in-car cuddle from a gentle giant. Enter Cosatto's Moova 2 Group 1 car seat. Fitting front or rear vehicle seats, plant your growing dot in this hugger however they please with the handy one-handed multi recline. With the pop-off washable covers, Moova 2 is ever so considerate. Nest your nipper to suit their needs with the squidgy liner. Nothing cuddles your precious cargo like Moova 2. With five-point safety harness plus quick release buckle, tummy pad and layers of padding on a tough core, Moova 2's their snug, secure shelter.

The Brand New Cosatto Anti-Escape System

It's here. Another Cosatto first. Car seat harnesses just got a whole new level of security.

Research shows that more than 70% of children wriggle out of their car seat harness, putting them at risk of head, neck, spinal and internal injuries. That's unacceptable. Cosatto have built the solution. The brand new Cosatto 5 Point Plus Anti-Escape System.

Working with the makers of the original, award-winning '5 Point Plus', they've created the next generation of in-car security that goes beyond the existing 'best protection' standard 5 point harness.

They've incorporated the original 5 Point Plus blueprint into their Anti-Escape System, creating an anti-wriggle lock-down. This leaves you free to watch the road instead of your child's escape attempts.

Why do I need the Brand New Cosatto 5 Point Plus System?

Up until now, the standard 5 point harness on all car seats offered the 'best protection' for your child. Each time you buckled up with the standard 5 point harness you did get a bespoke fit. So far so good.

However, children are natural escape artists. With the industry standard 5 point harness they are able to push their hands through the gaps above the red buckle, simply slipping the harness off their shoulders and wriggling free.

Not any more. Cosatto have just closed the gap. Their brand new revolutionary 5 Point Plus system shields those escape gaps, making it virtually impossible for children to escape their harness. Cosatto are making your child, you and the roads safer.

In tests 9 out of 10 children could not wriggle out of their brand new Cosatto Anti-Escape System.  That's a result.

The Cosatto Anti-Escape System. Safer child. Safer you. Safer roads. 




How do I look?

Twee Twoo

Ride the pastel parade with all the pink you can think.

Moova2 Twee Twoo Group 1 car seat is the pink perch that rocks cool edgy stripes with Scandinavian simplicity and heaps of snug.  Like a wise old owl, this burly bodyguard knows all the angles for when your fledgling needs to migrate up from a 0+ pod. Little owlets in a row stand guard over your little chick in this tough trendsetter. This cutesy cubby hole rocks the softest ice cream colours with soft pinks, sherbet orange, muted yellow and sky blue against pink candy stripes. This is the statement car seat for design-savvy sweeties. Always choose an owl when you're on the prowl.  


Built into all Cosatto car seats of Group 1 stage (approx. 9kg – 18kg/approx. 9mths to 4yrs).

Closes the gaps in the harness that previously allowed your child to reach in and slip straps off shoulders.

Keeps child securely strapped in leaving you to focus on the road.

Forward facing

Higher sitting position to give a better view, helping to relieve travel sickness

Compatible with standard 3 point seat belt

5 point safety harness with quick release buckle

3 position recline for snoozing

Unique deep waisted base for a safer fit

Wipe clean & Handwash Soft Goods at 30 degrees

Comfy, reversible and easy removable seat liners

FREE tummy & chest pads

FREE 4 Year guarantee (UK & Ireland only)

Conforms to ECE R44/04

Weight and Size:

Size: H: 64cm L: 56cm W: 45.2cm

Weight: 7.6kg


Nitty Gritty

They are safety serious at Cosatto. These car seats may look all friendly and soft but underneath they are hard nuts. Believe us, these are no plush pushovers. The group 1 gang passed the cruel Cosatto initiation and earned their stripes, (and patterns and colours). Cosatto car seats are subjected to rigorous testing. They launch them at speed down an acceleration lane at an accredited test house. It's serious stuff.