• Natural Hand Wash

Natural Hand Wash

SoGreen Natural Hand Cleaner
• Phosphate Free
• SLES Free
• Petroleum Distillate Free
• Made from Renewable Resources
• Food Grade Ingredients from FDA GRAS List 
Bacoff SoGreen hand cleaner is made from natural ingredients found in plants and vegetables. Tough on dirt and grime, yet gentle on the hands and skin. 
Directions: Apply liberally onto hands. Take particular care between fingers and under finger nails. Rub together till fully absorbed. Wash hands with soap and water first if heavily soiled. 
How to use: 2 pumps of SoGreen is applied to the wet palm. Rub together thoroughly, taking special care between fingers and under the nails. Rinse off all product with clean running water.
For best results use BacOff Hand Sanitiser after cleaning.